JSR Micro Taiwan aims to deliver a reliable service to customers as well as achieve co-existence and
co-prosperity with the region and community by carrying out harmonious production activities through the
expansion of the basic policies of management to all activities relating to business operation.

The Company conducts secure and reliable business operations by promoting safety activities based on the 5S and establishing an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. At the same time, the Company also strives to enhance the business level by taking proactive initiatives in company-wide improvement activities.The Central Science Park in Yunlin prefecture attracts high-technology companies and has the infrastructure necessary for production activities.
The Company is producing high quality products
through the use of JSRs technological strength in
the factory layout, manufacturing equipment and
manufacturing technology. The introduction of the
Factory Automaton System and automation
equipment has enhanced the process control
capability and enabled stable production activities.
The Company has in place a quality system that conforms to ISO standard that enables execution of thorough quality control and reliable quality assurance activities. To ensure quick and reliable response to customers needs, the Company has in place the latest product testing devices, and is introducing equipment that can analyze and assess defects in the processes.
The Company strives to optimize the supply chain by controlling the production
schedule-purchasing-manufacturing-shipping processes by a consistent ERP
system. The status of the stock of raw materials and products are controlled by
bar codes, which enables systemization of activities such as FIFO and prevention
of erroneous shipping, and simultaneously enables quick delivery.


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